Hello World!

rpi4-uefi.dev is now up as a basic WordPress blog! This is a landing page for the 64-bit Raspberry Pi 4B UEFI firmware effort by the shadowy PFTF collective. It’s anticipated that these pages will be a good way to keep track of progress, and eventually provide instructions for use by the general public.

The goal for the developed firmware is to make the Pi compatible with the heavily standardized 64-bit Arm servers from a firmware/OS perspective, aiming for SBBR compliance. This is 64-bit (AArch64) firmware for running 64-bit operating systems. In-depth description of the project’s goals and perspectives will be published soon in the About section.

Our main gathering point is the #rpi4-uefi-dev channel on the fine Developer-Ecosystem Discord server. This is a developer-oriented channel. Visitors are welcome and contributors are highly encouraged 😁.

Founder of the community UEFI firmware project for Raspberry Pi and tech lead for #esxionarm in VMware CPBU, conducting advanced development of vSphere hypervisor technology for the 64-bit Arm architecture. Andrei works in a wide range of directions pertaining to Arm enablement and strategy, ranging from low-level hypervisor design and implementation, to product definition and partner and ecosystem engagement.