v1.1 release is out!

Courtesy of Pete Batard, a new release is out. Again, this is very early in development, so the usual caveats apply – not all OSes will behave as expected and there’s not much yet in terms of step-by-step instructions.


What’s inside this release?

“GENET” refers to the on-board Gigabit Ethernet controller on the Raspberry Pi 4. The ACPI bindings for GENET will allow networking use under Linux. The upstream Linux enablement is still a work in progress, so see the relevant bcmgenet patches. For 5.x see https://lkml.kernel.org/lkml/?q=bcmgenet and for 4.19 see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=950578.

Hello World!

rpi4-uefi.dev is now up as a basic WordPress blog! This is a landing page for the 64-bit Raspberry Pi 4B UEFI firmware effort by the shadowy PFTF collective. It’s anticipated that these pages will be a good way to keep track of progress, and eventually provide instructions for use by the general public.

The goal for the developed firmware is to make the Pi compatible with the heavily standardized 64-bit Arm servers from a firmware/OS perspective, aiming for SBBR compliance. This is 64-bit (AArch64) firmware for running 64-bit operating systems. In-depth description of the project’s goals and perspectives will be published soon in the About section.

Our main gathering point is the #rpi4-uefi-dev channel on the fine Developer-Ecosystem Discord server. This is a developer-oriented channel. Visitors are welcome and contributors are highly encouraged 😁.

ServerReady Pi 4B at Packet’s IFX 2019

In December 2019 I attended Packet’s IFX 2019 conference as part of VMware’s presence in the Hardware Petting Zoo area. Among many other interesting things, I had demonstrated a Raspberry Pi 4B running our in-development VMware ESXi hypervisor, booted of course with this very same ServerReady/SBBR UEFI firmware 😊.

I had also gave a presentation on the Pi 4 UEFI project, explaining not only why Edge Compute should be standards compliant and a homogeneous ecosystem, but be ServerReady compliant. Of course I primarily gave an update on the state of the Pi 4 support. Here is an awful video recording as well  🤣.