v1.17 release for Pi 4

At last, the long awaited version 1.17 of the Raspberry Pi UEFI firmware has been released!


This release brings the following two major features:

  • Direct USB boot. This means that you can now boot this firmware straight from USB, without the need for an SD card. [tianocore/edk2-platforms@2254262]
  • ESP support. This means that you can now place your Pi 4 boot files into a EFI System Partition, and have the UEFI firmware launch as expected, regardless of whether you are using an MBR or GPT ESP, or even of the ESP resides on a USB or SD. Of course, this feature doesn’t really come from the UEFI firmware itself, that has always supported it, but from the firmware archive containing an updated start4.elf from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where ESP boot support has finally been added.

Note that booting from USB or from ESP does require a recent-enough version of the Pi EEPROM.

If you have acquired your Raspberry Pi model recently, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you find that booting from USB or from ESP doesn’t work, please visit https://github.com/raspberrypi/rpi-eeprom/releases to update your EEPROM.

Additionally, this firmware improves the Genet UEFI driver for heavy loads. [tianocore/edk2-platforms@2242b99]

As always, please read the release notes and usual caveats.